Moving Supplies And Boxes

At Montejo Moving, we have all the supplies you need to make your move a success. If you are doing your own packing, be sure to contact our company as we offer many of our supplies at a reduced price if you are packing your own items.


Protective Moving Supplies And Boxes


Do you have especially delicate items? Pad your items with extra cushioning using the protective wrapping we offer:


Newsprint: provides a clean, protective surface for almost all of your wrapping needs. Unlike real newspaper, our newsprint does not contain ink, so it better protects your belongings.


Bubble pack: provides added cushioning and protection for fragile items. Pro tip: when the move is over, it’s fun to pop it too!

Packing Tape

Good tape won’t slip or peel off while boxes are in transit. Montejo Moving Supplies And Boxes suggests:
Choose a high-quality tape, 1½” to 2″ wide.
For added protection, PVC-type plastic tape or filament strapping tape are the best choices.
Make sure containers are tightly closed for shipping.



You’ll want a good marker to avoid confusion later when searching for your belongings. Montejo Moving recommends

Choose a thick permanent marker.
List the main items in each container.
Indicate which room the boxes should be placed in upon arrival.
Add notes, such as “FRAGILE” or “THIS END,” as needed.
Identify boxes by their last name to assist the driver in unloading them at destination.



Boxes have never been more important than when it comes to moving. The boxes you select are important to minimize any potential damage.

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