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At Montejo Moving Inc, we are proud to serve a Moving and Movers near Miami with a fleet of trucks and a professionally trained, dedicated and ready team to keep Montejo Moving Inc.

What’s more, when you have to make a move near Miami you need professionals you can completely trust to handle your personal belongings and those of your family. Therefore, Montejo Moving is your best choice. Because, our team of professionals is experienced and reliable, they have the knowledge and skills necessary to help you have a hassle-free move. In fact, you may be moving from one place to another near Miami. That’s why our Miami movers have services to suit your needs.
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What makes us better than other moving companies near Miami?

First of all, our personalized approach is what separates us from other moving agencies near Miami. What’s more, our residential moving team is friendly, courteous, and will take care of your belongings with the best possible care and respect. In fact, we make a customized plan for each client’s needs. Therefore, you can count on a complete, reliable and affordable service to handle your residential move without hassle.

What’s more, with our personal approach you can have an unforgettable moving experience in Florida. In fact, not many companies follow our model. Because, not all of them pay attention to details about your needs and desires. Therefore, a satisfactory experience requires planning that respects your time and budget. In addition, we are always prepared to offer you a move that fits your schedule and financial limits.

In fact, no matter what your destination is, with the help of our resources, your move in Miami will be a memorable experience. Likewise, for your satisfaction we also have the best packing materials along with the best moving trucks in Miami, you can relax knowing that your process is in the best hands.

Our moving and movers objectives

Also, our main goal is to expand our network of satisfied customers throughout Florida. That is why we constantly invest in improving our residential and commercial moving services to always exceed our customers’ expectations. Likewise, Montejo Moving takes care of your specific requirements and budget.

In fact, our Miami moving company has a team of experienced and reliable professionals who will take the best possible care of your belongings. In addition, you can count on our professional help in every step of the moving process. Therefore, you can rest assured that your belongings are in good and safe hands. Because, our goal is to keep you and your belongings protected all along the way. What’s more, this makes us one of the top rated moving companies in Florida. As well as, our satisfied clientele puts us at the top of the moving agencies in Miami.

We offer the best Moving and Movers Services near Miami

Moreover, we have a wide range of services to offer a successful residential and commercial relocation near Miami. Whether a client wants to relocate to Miami, or from Miami to another city, they can count on the following services:

Residential Moving
Commercial Moving
Art & Antiques
Office Moving
Protection For All Furniture
Piano Moving
Local Moving
Long Distance Moving
Moving Supplies And Boxes
Pack and Unpack

In fact, all of these services include high quality packing materials such as boxes, tape, packing paper, plastic wrap and more. Therefore, you will get everything you need for a pleasant experience you can get from our Miami moving agency.

In addition, you can rest assured that your belongings are in the best hands and you can count on a quote that we will deliver directly to your home. Contact us to get a quote for our efficient and affordable services.

Professional moving service near Miami.

At Montejo Moving we have the best team in moving services. Therefore, you can trust our work, because we will do an excellent job at an affordable price.

Every successful move starts with good planning

With a team of professional residential and commercial movers in Miami, you can get our help in every step of your relocation process. In fact, we can help you with your requirements, make a plan and estimate a budget. Therefore, our agent will take care of all your belongings. Don’t be afraid to tell him everything you need so our team can get it done.

High quality moving materials.

Our team of professional movers in Miami has specialized packing personnel and drivers with the experience and skills necessary to load the moving truck with all your belongings properly packed and protected. Therefore, they will be in charge of the heavy lifting of moving all your items. In this part of the residential moving process you can count on:

Quality packaging materials and covers to protect all your items

A detailed inventory

Identification for all boxes

Miami moving trucks, loading and unloading

Security and Confidence with your personal belongings

What’s more, with our residential moving company near Miami you can count on all your belongings arriving at their destination safely. In fact, our driver will contact you to let you know the exact time the moving truck will arrive. Also, at this stage we can take care of unloading and unpacking all the items, to ensure the integrity of your belongings.

In addition, we have experience reassembling the furniture in your new home. Therefore you should check the condition in which each of your items were delivered, for this you have the inventory and you should notify us of any missing or damaged items.

¡Moving and Movers near Miami is your best choice!

Residential and commercial moving is one of the most common moving experiences. In addition, there are many Miami moving agencies to choose from, but you should always choose one that you can trust. Since, you will be delivering all your and your family’s valuables.

In addition, our company has been in the market for years, we have a lot of experience and a history of satisfied customers. That is why our services will make your move a success. In fact, we are the safe bridge to your new home. Also, we put the effort to make your dreams come true.

Call us at (786) 554 8866 and your Moving and Movers near Miami service now.

Moving and Movers near in: 33010, 33011, 33012, 33013, 33014, 33015, 33016, 33017, 33018, 33054, 33055

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