How to Get Free Boxes For Your Move

Expenses can quickly pile up when you’re planning a move, so it’s in your best interests to save money in every way that you can. One way to cut costs is to try to get free boxes instead of buying brand new ones. How?

  • Grocery Stores: The first place you should stop by on your search for free boxes is the local grocery store. Grocery stores receive new food shipments every day, and many of these items are packed in cardboard boxes.
  • Liquor Stores: Liquor stores also receive new inventory packed in cardboard boxes, but there’s one reason why boxes from these retailers may be better than those from grocery stores.
  • Schools: After you drop off or pick up your kids, stop by the school’s administrative office to ask if anyone has any boxes that they don’t need.
  • Freecycle: Freecycle is a nonprofit website that allows people to give items away for free to other people in the community.
  • Recycling Center:  If all else fails, take a trip to your local recycling center to see if any cardboard boxes have not been processed yet.