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Montejo Moving Inc provides fast and efficient office relocation services for every aspect of commercial moving. We understand how time consuming it is to manage business operations and relocate offices. Companies Moving hire our trained and professional moving specialists to help them successfully plan all moves, large and small.

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We can make sure the moving experience goes smoothly so you are ready to hit the ground running on day one. We make sure all furniture and equipment is transported safely, quickly and efficiently.


The most successful companies moving are those that have been thoroughly planned from inception to fruition. Montejo Moving Inc takes a systematic approach to office moving. The first part of our process examines your needs. We take your unique circumstances into consideration during this planning phase. Unlike commercial moving companies that apply a standard approach to business moving to every move, we know that every company has different needs and we treat each company as such. We address each business as a separate entity to maintain an objective approach to your office move.


Montejo Moving Inc has helped many local companies make safe, efficient and cost-effective moves.

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  • Organization
  • Removal of special objects
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